Ministering God's Word through Pottery

Speaking Events

As I demonstrate on the potter's wheel, I explain the process of pottery. Using Scripture, the Christian life is symbolized in the process of pottery. God is the potter, we are the clay, the potter's wheel is Jesus and the water is the Word of God. A clear Gospel message is presented.

This demonstration/Bible lesson is interesting to all ages, from 3 year olds to adults! It makes a great lesson for family fellowships, ladies meetings, homeschool meetings, vacation Bible schools, youth meetings, Senior luncheons, etc...

This demonstration/Bible lesson can be adapted to your time schedule. Allowing 45 minutes to one hour is ideal, but more or less time is workable.

Ladies & Youth Retreats

At a retreat, three Bible lessons are demonstrated with the potter's wheel and pottery. The first lesson is about the process of pottery, as described in "Speaking Events." The second lesson continues the process of pottery into the firing stage and likens this stage to the trials and tribulations of our lives. Using Daniel 3, participants are encouraged that God is in the fire with us and the fire will make us stronger and more useful to God. The last lesson about the many uses of clay and pottery illustrates how God has many plans and purposes for each of His children. Those who see themselves as weak or cracked vessels will be encouraged by the Word of God.

Through much prayer and planning, these retreats have been a wonderful time of fellowship and growth.

Debbie Locklin

The Potter's House School